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Let us put it straight. We are not yet a Fortune 500 listed company. Nope. Not that close. Even though in a sharply changeable online jungle, our group, as a fast-growing business enterprise, is paving our way with reliable service, products, and brands for our customers greater good based on a local to a global perspective.

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We were established in 2013 in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and soon in Portugal and USA.

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We are a direct supplier,
not a Dropshippers and all products we sell are in stock and ready to ship out.

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Our fantastic team is always working hard to serve you and to supply the best shopping experience.


The Story Behind Yofi Yofi​

A few years ago, Mr. Morrison (Partner in the Group) was having dinner with his family, that night Mr. Morrison was mesmerized and talking about his favorite childhood dessert -- “Yofi Yofi”, which was once a popular dessert like a doughnut dipped in hot honey and syrup. It was often sold in the street when public events were held.

On the other hand, the phrase “Yofi Yofi” in Mr. Morrison's mother language, means “great, excellent”. With this double meaningful combination, both Mr. Morrison's and his families wondered: “Hey, why don’t we start with a brand called Yofi Yofi and sell something great, excellent - Yofi of products and deals?! Let’s do it!” And that’s how Yofi Yofi comes alive.​

Our Growing Platform of Yofi Yofi​

We have gained popularity with years of a positive experience at the beginning as a development company in the field of eCommerce since 2013. With our increasing business capacity, we then provide services for third-party online shops as a back-end warehouse operation. Up until today, combined with all the effort we accumulated and made, we eventually introduce and launch our platform -- yofi-yofi.com.

We exist to offer customers full packages of products and services including a wide selection of brands and merchandise with attractive and affordable prices, standardized quality control, convenient globe express and delivery, payment security, and worry-free after-sales. We strive to keep eCommerce easy and smart while bringing customers the most hassle-free and pleasant online shopping experience.

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Our Warehouse Operation Standard​

Our standard and organized warehouse management give easy access to order fulfillment. Our pick & pack team picks and matches the orders quickly with our efficient and tech-enabled pick strategy, meanwhile, the team works further on the quality inspection for the picking before the packing. The orders are packed safely and neatly by us to make sure they’re received as expected.

Once our warehouse finishes the picking and packing, the orders are moved forward to the process of worldwide shipment managed in-house, and ready to be shipped out as soon as possible.

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