Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment Reduces Redness Lightens Acne Scar Skincare 30ML

( 27 reviews )

This acne cream is perfect for preventing acne outbreaks and at the same time soothing the pimple spot by reducing the redness to fast cool down the skin. It can gently heal troubled blemishes yet nourish the skin with calmness and moisture. As well as lighten the acne scar to improve the skin texture.  Natural Ingredients

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To improve the appearance of acne blemishes, this spot treatment cream for acne breakouts can effectively reduce redness and promotes healthy-looking skin.

Formulated and infused with mineral water, portulaca oleracea extract, and sodium hyaluronate gently cool down the skin, prevent pimple outbreaks, and lighten the scars, highly repairing the skin with smoothness and moisture.

This acne solution’s maximum strength spot treatment is a non-irritating cream that improves blemishes and treats the skin for a clear, smooth face.

Natural Ingredients:

Instructions for use:
The ointment is used in the evening before going to bed on a clean face
1. Cleanse the face with water and cleanser.
2. Apply the ointment to the affected area.
3. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
4. Get your beauty sleep.
5. Good morning. Wash your face with water and continue your skincare routine.😊

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Natural Ingredients



27 reviews for Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment Reduces Redness Lightens Acne Scar Skincare 30ML

4.8 Average Rating Rated ( 27 Reviews )

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  1. English


    Helped clear up my hormonal acne. It is a very strong product, so do NOT slather this all over your face – you WILL get burned. The instructions say to use only a small pea size. You also don’t want to use this every day if you’re just starting out – maybe only 2-3 times a week at first.

  2. English


    I have been actively using it for about 5 months now and have noticed a significant change in my skin.

  3. English


    טיפול באקנה קרם הרגיעה נראה לי כמו מוצר טוב, אבל זה לקח זמן רב יותר ממה שחשבתי עד שראיתי תוצאות. ייתכן שזה יעבוד יותר טוב על עור אחר.

  4. English


    Me encanta su suave fragancia y su capacidad para hidratar mi piel sin causar irritación.

  5. English


    I was skeptical about trying this Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment, but it exceeded my expectations. It’s reduced my acne and the redness associated with it. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from acne.

  6. English


    אני מאוד מרוצה עם מוצר זה. האיכות היא טובה!

  7. English


    סופר מהיר ! שבוע וכבר בבית שלי!

  8. English


    He estado lidiando con el acné durante años y esta crema de tratamiento de acné ha sido lo mejor que he probado. Se absorbe rápidamente y no deja una sensación grasosa en la piel. Ha reducido la inflamación de los granos y las manchas rojas. ¡Muy recomendable!

  9. English


    I bought this Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment and it’s exceeded my expectations. My acne is reducing and my scars are lighter. Highly recommend.

  10. English


    GET THIS. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! Literally works on every single pimple I’ve ever gotten and dramatically decreased the size and redness of my pimple/cyst. I have very sensitive skin and had acne so bad at one point where I needed to take accutane so if this works on me it’ll def work on you. You won’t regret it!

  11. English


    small but seeing results?

  12. English


    This stuff does work! It has helped reduce my acene over a peiod of 2.5 months down 70%, I still have some acene spots, and some smaller breakouts at times tbh, but overall the frequency and severity has done down, and my facr is finally SO MUCH CLEANER!

  13. English


    הקרם הזה מדהים! השתמשתי בו אתמול וכבר רואה הבדל בפצעי האקנה שלי. ממליץ מאוד.

  14. English



  15. English


    I purchased this Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment and it helped reduce my acne a bit, but it didn’t completely clear it up. It’s still a decent product.

  16. English


    Esta crema de tratamiento de acné ha sido increíble para mi piel. He notado una gran disminución en la inflamación y en la apariencia de mis cicatrices de acné. También se absorbe rápidamente sin dejar una sensación grasosa.

  17. English


    I bought this Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment and I’m so glad I did. My skin is less red and my acne is reducing. Highly recommend this product.

  18. English


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ משלוח 5⭐ איכות 5⭐ אריזה 5⭐ עיצוב 5⭐

  19. English


    This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I am in love! I have been using this for long time and it has transformed my skin.

  20. English


    רכשתי את טיפול באקנה קרם הרגיעה הזה לבן שלי והוא מרגיש יותר בטוח וטוב יותר בעצמו מאז שהוא משתמש בו. הוא אפילו יותר נוח במראה שלו. ממליץ בחום על המוצר הזה!

  21. English


    This Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment is the best product I’ve ever used for my acne. It’s gentle on the skin but incredibly effective. My acne scars have also lightened significantly. I’ll be repurchasing for sure.

  22. English


    when you 1st start to use, it Does seem to pull out all the bad stuff to the surface!

  23. English


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Delivery 5 ⭐ Quality 5 ⭐ Packaging 5 ⭐ Design 5 ⭐

  24. English


    קיבלתי קופון ל 10 אחוז אחרי הקניה מגניב אחלה הזמנה שמחה

  25. English


    טיפול באקנה קרם הרגיעה נראה לי כמו מוצר טוב, אבל זה לקח זמן רב יותר ממה שחשבתי עד שראיתי תוצאות. ייתכן שזה יעבוד יותר טוב על עור אחר.

  26. English


    הקרם הזה מדהים! השתמשתי בו אתמול וכבר רואה הבדל בפצעי האקנה שלי. ממליץ מאוד.

  27. English


    I can’t believe how well this Acne Cream Pimple Soothing Treatment works. It reduced my acne and lightened my scars in just a few days. My skin looks and feels amazing. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

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