Rainbow bath bomb for the bath, bubble bath soap in rainbow and cloud colors with rich bubbles and natural ingredients

( 22 reviews )

Indulge in a shower experience with your children with the rainbow and cloud bath bubble bomb. Made from natural ingredients, creates rich bubbles and a burst of spectacular colors that will leave a fresh and happy atmosphere.

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Are you searching for a fun and enchanting way to make bath time more exciting for your kids? Look no further than the Rainbow Bath Bubble Bomb! Made with all-natural ingredients, this bath bomb promises to turn your ordinary bath into a colorful and bubbly wonderland that your children will love. They’ll be talking about it for days, and begging you to let them play with the bubbles again and again.

The rainbow cloud bath bomb is not just a beautiful sight to behold, it also offers more benefits than just aesthetics Formulated with nourishing ingredients and a rich lather to leave skin smooth and renewed.

Why not make your kids’ shower routine colorful and fun? Experience the joy and magic of a rainbow in the bathroom. Order now and experience the fun atmosphere of this bath bomb that kids will love!

Natural ingredients:

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Natural Ingredients

22 reviews for Rainbow bath bomb for the bath, bubble bath soap in rainbow and cloud colors with rich bubbles and natural ingredients

4.4 Average Rating Rated ( 22 Reviews )

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  1. English

    Júlia Barbosa

    Quero contar que eu(Ach) este bombom para banho! É como soar em um mundo de sonhos! As bolhas são incríveis, a fragrância é divina e a minha pele fica super macia. Totalmente recomendado!

  2. English

    Ana Correia

    Amigas, eu adorei essa bomba de banho! Cheguei em 7 dias e a cor do enveloppe era lindíssima! A máscaraada de espuma foi incrível, me senti como se estivesse num chuveiro de sonhos, com os sabores de iênice e flor de laranja. 5 estrelas sem dúvida!

  3. English

    Giovana Barbosa

    Sou louca por esse balde de banho, é umkáries!

  4. English

    Nicole Alves

    Amei esta bomba dissolvente! Faz a minha banheira ser um lugar mágico, com bolhas ricas e cores super vistosas. Eu só desejo mais uma variedade de cores!

  5. English

    Julieta Barros

    Divino! Eu comprei este bombom de banho arco-íris e não sabia que isso poderia ser tão incrível! As bolhas são ricas e a textura é suave, me sinto como uma rainha! Recomendo para todas as minhas amigas!

  6. English

    Melanie Grogan

    OMG, I’m obsessed with this rainbow bath bomb! The bubble bath is like a spa treatment every night – the bubbles are so rich and creamy, and the natural ingredients make my skin feel amazing! It’s like a little piece of heaven in a tub!

  7. English

    Wilma Morin

    Oh. My. Gosh! This rainbow bath bomb is the bombdotcom! I’m obsessed with the aroma, the rich bubbles, and the adorable colors! My self-care Sundays just got a whole lot brighter

  8. English

    Abigail Johnston

    Absolutely gutted with this purchase, the bath bomb just dissolved and didn’t even stain the water!

  9. English

    Marina Martins

    Eu comprei esse biscoito de banho em arco-íris e… bem, foi divertido, mas não tão revolucionário quanto eu esperava.

  10. English

    Norma Crawford

    Oh my gosh, you guys, I am OBSESSED with these rainbow bath bombs from Skin Care! The colors, the bubbles, the NATURAL ingredients – it’s like a spa experience in my own home! I felt like a kid again, watching the rainbow colors swirl around me as I soaked in the bath, and I swear my skin ever since has been glowing!

  11. English

    Naomi West

    I’m obsessed with this Rainbow bath bomb – it’s literally the most relaxing thing I’ve ever tried! The rainbow cloud colour is gorgeous, and the bubbles are insane! Only 4 stars cos the smell could be stronger, but overall it’s a pampering treat for the senses

  12. English

    Dorothy Paige

    Oh. My. Gosh. I’m absolutely obsessed with this rainbow bath bomb! It’s like taking a little piece of happiness home every evening. The rich bubbles and natural ingredients left my skin feeling so soft and pampered. 4 stars from me – would totally rebuy!

  13. English

    Jade Barker

    Blimey, this rainbow bath bomb is a game-changer! The colours are lush, the bubbles are divine and I adored the natural ingredients – it’s a total treat for my poor skin.

  14. English

    Mia Prowse

    Ah-mazing! I’m OBSESSED with this rainbow bath bomb – the colours are so vibrant and fun! The bubbles are rich and creamy, and my skin feels silky smooth afterwards. Highly recommend!

  15. English

    Katie Hamlet

    Omg, you guys, I just had the most epic bath experience with this rainbow bomb! The colours are insane and the bubbles are so rich and natural, I felt like a princess. 4 stars from me – only because I wished it lasted longer!

  16. English

    Laura Clemens

    Geez, I was so stoked to try these rainbow bath bombs, but sadly they’ve left my skin feeling a bit dry and the bubbles fell flat – not what I was hopin’ for!

  17. English

    Emilly Oliveira

    Ó que DELÍCIA! Esse balbão de banho em arco-íris é um presente para as minhas células! Lava bem, embora seja um pouco caro, é uma experiência difícil de pular, com bolhas riquíssimas e ingredientes naturais!

  18. English

    Anna Smeltzer

    Hmm, I’m still unsure about this ‘rainbow’ bath bomb thing. Yeah, it’s pretty and all, but did I really get what I paid for? The bubbles are okay, but some weird residue stuck to my tub walls afterwards . Guess I’ll have to use it again before I decide for sure…

  19. English

    Keira Shah

    Oh my goodness, I’m completely obsessed with this rainbow bath bomb – it’s literally the most relaxing ritual I’ve ever experienced!

  20. English

    Sofia Geoghegan

    Fair dinkum, I’m stoked I took a punt on these rainbow bath bombs! The colours are insane and it’s like having a party in the tub. The bubbles are lush and my skin feels so soft and pampered. Highly recommend!

  21. English

    Ellie Bevan

    Glowing review here! I treated myself to this bad boy from the Skin Care collection and OH MY GOSH, it’s a game changer! The rainbow colours swirl around your bath water, leaving your skin feeling pampered and hydrated, and the scent is just divine – I’m obsessed!

  22. English

    Bethany Freycinet

    Looked pretty but didn’t really do it for me, mate.

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